Stern Healing Story

It feels a bit cliche to write this but here we go anyway! My journey began with the desire to heal others in a way that was both long-lasting and all-encompassing. I started college with a major in Psychology and then moved into Social Work, which I continued to study for two and a half years.

Deciding that there was still something missing, I transferred colleges to ultimately get a major in Alternative and Complementary Medicine. I took courses led by Medical Doctors, Acupuncturists, Naturopathic Doctors, Dieticians, and professional herbalists.

As I obtained my degree, I felt sure I would find the best form of healing but everything changed when I became a Certified Nursing Assistant. I worked with a child whose condition was so poor that his doctor would put him in a metal cage during visits. 

I encountered numerous clients with dementia whose health declined rapidly as microscopic knots formed within their brain cells resulting in them forgetting who I was day after day.

I began working at a supplement store, driven by a fiery curiosity. I studied hundreds of different products, ingredients, and manufacturing companies. I tested vitamins and compounds on myself and took notes on what I found. I listened to customers concerns and explained their options along with the pros and cons of each supplement. 

Finally, I had found a form of healing that could reach everyone and aid in the recovery of any disease: Dietary Supplements.

But there was a major problem- The FDA doesn't have the funding to check the pills of every supplement company so they created a system that, to put it kindly, is lacking. 

To summarize all of this: After five years, I eventually found a form of healing that could make enormous differences in people's lives, was accessible to everyone and did not have life-altering side effects. The products were natural, used for thousands of years, and very well-researched. 

The major flaw with dietary supplements is that, much like with people, no two are alike. Every company was making their own versions of supplements but no one seemed to be basing their ingredients on research while using an FDA registered facility that followed current Good Manufacturing Practices. 

That is why I created Stern Healing LLC.

I have been taking dietary supplements for over ten years and I am glad to finally have a company I can trust.