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We are focused on taking the mystery out of dietary supplements. We started Stern Healing because when we searched for high-quality supplements we were disappointed in what we found. 

We saw the problems and set out to produce supplements that provided solutions:

Every product we sell is made:

  • In a certified common Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) facility.
  • In an FDA approved facility.
  • Using research that is modern, unbiased, and journal-published.
  • In the USA.
  • With dosages and forms that have been proven effective.

Our products are inspected by a third party:

  • To have FDA approved labels.
  • For safety and efficacy.
  • To check the accuracy of any claims made.
  • Three times during manufacturing.

The ingredients in our products are:

  • Inspected at their source.
  • Tested for high levels active compounds.
  • The highest quality available.
  • Dosed to be effective and safe.
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