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Popular multivitamins are poorly understood and very dangerous. I have written a series of articles to prove this point beyond any doubt.

We are working towards raising money to spread information and create the perfect multivitamin. Here is the list of articles straight from our GoFundMe page.

"A Light Introduction
A brief overview of Centrum and One-A-Day and I show that this topic is complex and not well understood by the general population.

1-A Brief Look At One A Day and Centrum

2-Mainstream: Offering Confusing Information 

3-Opinions of Pharmacists, Tufts, and Harvard

The Content
In which I show the irrefutable evidence of the dangers of Centrum and expose the FDA's lack of involvement.

4-Talc and Asbestos in Multivitamins 

5-False Marketing and Heavy Metals 

6-Refuting Possible Arguments 

A Final Article
This article is long, complex, scientific, and very boldly written. The information I present is very disturbing. 
Writing this last article required me to discover and understand concepts that only a handful of people have ever come across. 
If you choose to read it, I hope you will take the time to understand the severity of the points I make.

You have been warned.

7-The Preposterous Lie Called "DFE" "

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