Good Manufacturing Practices

How do you know if your supplement has in it what it claims to? In a industry that has companies trying to get away with filling their supplements with rice and house plants, it can be hard to know which companies to trust.

Every supplement we produce is from a facility that is certified for current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP). Please note that we would get in big trouble if we claimed our products were cGMP certified and it was not true.

It is a very big deal to be cGMP certified because it is expensive, difficult, and reserved for only the very best manufacturing facilities. 

What does a cGMP certification mean for you?

A certification in current Good Manufacturing Practices is extremely important because it ensures: 

  1. Content and Potency
  2. Overall Quality
  3. Composition

1. Content and Potency

Content and potency are checked by professionals (commonly individuals with PhD's do the inspecting).

They inspect the facility, the process of manufacturing, the ingredients, and the supplement itself to ensure:

  1. The ingredients in the capsules/tablets are the same as what is on the label. 
  2. The intended milligrams of the active ingredient and the actual milligrams are equal.
  3. That the product is not contaminated by outside sources.

2. Overall Quality

Quality is extremely important when it comes to supplements and medicine in general. With cGMP, stale products do not make it through to the customer.

For example, two bottles of capsules have been inspected to ensure they have exactly 500mg of herbs in each of their capsules. Further down the line it is discovered that a few of the bottles have stale herbs and have lost some of their effectiveness.

So even though all of the bottles contain the same amount of herbs, some of those herbs have gone stale. It is through meticulous testing by trained experts that this can be discovered and we can ensure that the stale capsules do not make it through to the store. 

Companies who do not extensively test their products may end up putting stale herbs into capsules and selling them in stores. 

Each product is also checked for inconsistencies. Consistency is crucial for successful supplementation. For example, if you have been taking a product for a few weeks and a capsule one day erroneously has nothing in it, you will lose that day’s supplementation which can set your health goals back a day or two.

The facilities themselves are also inspected to check that they are up to date with the latest technology and safety techniques. In order to receive the cGMP certification, the facilities in which the supplements are produced must use cutting edge safety and production equipment that is kept as clean as possible.

3. Composition

Composition refers to ensuring that the active ingredient is in its proper form and biologically active. The active ingredient must be in its effective form and of high enough quality that it will be active in the body. That is not to say everyone will receive the same results, but composition inspections secure that everyone will have the best chance of getting optimal results.

Falsely Labeled Supplements

Supplements that are mislabeled are intended to mislead customers about the effectiveness of supplements and may be detrimental to our health because we have no idea what might be in each capsule.

Stern Healing supplements have all undergone label inspections to ensure proper and accurate labels that are up to the FDA's standards. 


Always be careful when buying supplements and always be sure to pay attention to the certifications of the company who produced it.

Whatever you do, arm yourself with knowledge! Even if you do not take supplements, you may know someone who is wasting their time, money, and health on a low-quality supplement. We recommend reviewing the studies offered by medical journals and Government health websites. 

Having cGMP is just one piece of a very big puzzle, even companies with cGMP may use uselessly low doses or dangerously combined ingredients.

Each ingredient in every product has to undergo complicated chemical processes inside the body so it is important to know exactly what you are getting.

At Stern Healing, we make sure all of our products have proper dosages in their optimal forms alongside the ideal synergistic ingredients.

We care about quality and so we put care and attention into every single step of production including each and every ingredient. 

Here is a link to the FDA's information on cGMP.

If you have any questions, comments, or experiences you want to share, please email me at Thanks for reading!