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Our Story

We love supplements, we love healing, and we love consistent and proven results.

A Little About You

Have you ever had a health coach or gone into a vitamin store? How was your experience? Did you walk away healthier or disappointed?

Our goal is to have each person who visits (you) leave the site feeling excited, healthier, and on your way to reaching your health goals.

A Little About Us

We have worked as health coaches, vitamin store managers, personal trainers, and I have worked as a Certified Home Health Aid.

As the founder of Stern Healing, I have seen all sides of health.

At the age of 17, I decided I wanted to know the meaning of healing. 

You Can Skip This Section (But I think It's Worth Noting)

Here's a list of courses I took as I pursued and obtained my B.Sc. in Alternative and Complementary Medicine:

Acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Biology, Anatomy & Physiology, Chemistry, Nutrition, Antioxidants, Exercise Science, Feng Shui (it's pretty cool if you really look into it), Human Services, Clinical Decision Making, Naturopathy, Homeopathy, and extensive coursework in Herbal Medicine.

Here's a list of topics our whole team has studied in-depth: FDA regulations on production and labeling, ingredients of supplements, research on supplements, clinical decision making, health coaching, anatomy & physiology (lots and lots of anatomy and physiology), health and wellness, and the meaning of health.

Let's Not Beat Around The Bush

Stern Healing LLC boils down to one simple question: What Makes A Dietary Supplement Amazing?

One word: You.

Supplements are a means to an end and the end is your well-being and quality of life.

There is nothing more gratifying and energizing to us than when our customers feel the results from our supplements and realize the power of quality supplements.

So, Customers- Thank you for letting us know about how our supplements are helping you. Keep the good news coming!

New Visitors- Thanks in advance for allowing us to help you reach your health goals! (Questions? Email us anytime at

It All Started With You

Thank you for being curious and for asking great questions.

With a combined 20 years of experience working both in the supplement industry and as health coaches, we answered a certain question thousands of times.

"What's the best _______?" - - What's the best turmeric? What's the best weight loss supplement? What's the best **fill in the blank**?

Our response was always disappointing. "It depends."

Yeah, I know... *Yawn.*

This is important though so please pay attention!! 

On what does it depend?


It depends on tedious, boring, meticulous, and expensive clinical trials. I know... *Yawn* *Yawn*

The Wonderful Truth

But hold on!

There was barely any high-quality research on supplements 20 years ago.

Get this- In the last 20 years, thousands of high-quality clinical trials have been completed and the benefits of many supplements have been proven. 

What Does This Mean For You?

It means the answer is no longer "It depends."!!

Today, the answer is definitive:

The best product is the one that has the same dosages, ingredients, and quality as the ones used in clinical trials.

That's why all of our products and bundles are meticulously designed using the most up-to-date research as a guide. 

Natural medicine has been tested and it passed with flying colors.

Enough About Research, Let's Talk About Us

Okay, that might not sound exciting but I promise, it really is!!! 

When we take a supplement, we like to feel confident that it is the absolute best one on the market.

That's why we put countless hours of research into each supplement we produce.

We hold ourselves to a high standard: Each product has to be the best one on the market in its category.

Sounds too good to be true?

Okay, I get it. Anyone can talk about ingredients and research and claim they have the best.

If you think I am just selling dreams: That's a fair thought!

I'm not going to try to talk you into anything because I believe in transparency.

Consider This: The most popular Turmeric supplements on the market have 500mg or less of Turmeric with no Bioperine for absorption (research says Turmeric is worthless at less than 1000mg and worthless without Bioperine).

Our Turmeric Has: 1300mg Whole Turmeric; 100mg 95% Turmeric Extract; 20mg Bioperine. Bioperine increases absorption by about 20x.

The truth is, most companies neglect the fact that the research on Turmeric has higher doses of Bioperine than most companies use. Try to find a supplement with anywhere close to the amount of Bioperine we use.

Here's another (super fun) option: Look at the ingredients in our products and compare them to the most up-to-date journal published clinical trials on human subjects.

Comparing ingredients to research is tedious but it's necessary.

I get it and it's okay if studying lists and finding research isn't your favorite activity because we have already done all that work. We work hard so you can shop smart and live better. 

Our ingredients are pro-optimal because we go above and beyond.

Ingredients Are Only Half The Story

I know, I know... There's much more to this picture than just ingredients. 

ingredients are only as good as the source from which they are gathered and the facility in which they are produced. 


Quality (Of Life) Is Our Priority

Quality is built into the foundation of Stern Healing.

We believe that there is a correlation between high-quality products and the quality of life of our customers.

That's why we put a focus on consistency, accurate labeling, and generating real results from our supplements. 

Here are a few examples of our commitment to quality in action:

  • Meticulously sourced ingredients from audited farmers/suppliers.

  • Hand selected dosages and forms of each ingredient in each capsule.

  • A world-renowned U.S.A.¬†cGMP certified* facility that has been FDA inspected and FDA registered.

  • A team of specialists to inspect every stage of each supplement‚Äôs production.

  • Bottles that are BPA free, UV resistant, and double sealed for your protection.

  • A 30-day money-back-guarantee on every product.
*Check out our article on current Good Manufacturing Practices and why it is so important.

    Some More Awesome Stuff We Do

    It is great to have a third party inspect a supplement after production! At Stern Healing, we go beyond great.

    Our promise to you:

    1. All of our ingredients are extensively tested for identity, purity, and strength before manufacturing.
    2. During manufacturing, samples are taken to be tested, inspected, and verified three times.
    3. After production, there is a final test to ensure active constituents, integrity in of structure of ingredients, and consistency between capsules.
    4. All of our labels have been approved for their accuracy and FDA compliance by a team of unbiased trained experts.

    What We Leave Out

      It may surprise you that the following toxins are commonly used in supplements:

      • talc
      • trans fats
      • heavy metals
      • artificial dyes
      • aluminum-based dyes
      • pork gelatin
      • preservatives

        We Expect Results

        (Otherwise, what's the point?)

        Stern Healing supplements work to improve quality of life and promote overall health so when you feel results from our products let us know! 

        If in the unlikely scenario, you do not feel amazing from our products, we still hope you let us know! 

        Like I said before, we are health experts with over 20 years of combined experience helping others achieve their health goals.

        If you do not love the way you feel, we will work with you to get to the bottom of it and find a solution.

        There's no risk! If you feel that there is no hope, you can return a product within 30 days of receiving it.

        Your health and quality of life are always our priority so we want to be sure we have done everything possible to promote your well-being.

        Please contact us before returning a product.

        You Are #1 In Our Book

        That is why we started Stern Healing and why we love what we do. 

        We want you to feel great every single day and live your best life!

        If you have any questions, email us anytime at

        We are real people who have a passion for health.

        The next time the question comes up, "What is the best ________?" The answer is now definitive:

        Research-based supplements made in an FDA registered facility are the best because they produce consistent results.

        This is what makes Stern Healing the best and you are what drives us to continue to be the best. So, thank you!

        Sending Healing Your way,
        Hammer Stern (Founder & C.E.O. Stern Healing LLC).

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        Hammer Stern with his son

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