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A Look at Multivitamins

Dec 11, 2017 0 comments

centrumAre multivitamins good for you? Let me put it this way: The feeling I get when someone tells me they are taking Centrum (which happens frequently) is like the feeling one may get upon hearing their friend say that they used lead-based paint in their toddler's room and their doctor TOLD them to do it. I would describe it as a sinking feeling of dread, fear, and sadness. Why do I feel this way? Apart from the use of synthetic vitamins that are not well absorbed, there are heavy metals, artificial ingredients, and even a little bit of trans fats inside Centrum.

To see this on the
 Centrum Website, click the tiny Product Labeling button hiding above "WHERE TO BUY."Centrum Ingredients

Sugar is understandable, there's nothing wrong with wanting your multivitamin to taste sweet (though to be fair, these taste like chalk). Everything else is baffling because none of it belongs in a health supplement. Aluminum, a potentially toxic heavy metal, has no place in a pill that claims to support immune function. There is also no reason to have trans fatty acids in a multivitamin nor does an artificial antioxidant like BHT belong in a "health" supplement.

To me, of all the strange ingredients, BHT is the most frustrating one. It is used frequently as a preservative in cereals and in canned goods but... the problem with an artificial preservative in a multivitamin is that Vitamin A, C, E, Zinc are already in the multivitamin act as natural preservatives. Adding an artificial preservative in a supplement is like putting an artificial tree in an otherwise natural garden. Although in this case, the garden is more of a junkyard and the artificial tree is more like nuclear waste.

It seems as if Centrum was made by someone who has little knowledge or respect for human health. Though the company that produces this tablet is one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world, they do not seem to have much care for nutrition.

One A Day

One a Day is a multivitamin made by the Bayer Pharmaceutical Corporation, a company with a rich history of lawsuits. One of their lawsuits was regarding the distribution of heroin as a safe and non-addictive remedy for coughs. Any mega-corporation that operates in the healthcare industry has a few items that have extreme side effects, but Bayer once went as far as to knowingly withhold the risks of one of their birth control products (source) resulting in enormous monetary gains and enormous human suffering.

Okay, okay, but how is their multivitamin?

"One a Day" is Bayer and Bayer's attempt at getting into the vitamin and supplement industry and like everything they do in regards to health... put it gently, they basically are giving you the middle finger. Very similar to Pfizer (who makes Centrum), these pills are loaded with artificial dyes, preservatives, and unnecessary junk.One a Day

What to Look for in a Multivitamin

Multivitamins with ingredients like the two above are extremely common. This is especially true since non-natural drug and grocery store brands often have the same ingredients as Centrum and One a Day. The somewhat humorous yet depressing truth is that billions of dollars are being spent on multivitamins like the ones above. Do you know what happens to the contents of those multivitamins shortly after they are swallowed by unknowing health-seeking-individuals? The contents of millions of bottles of multivitamins go straight to the toilet.

Okay! So, how can you avoid junk like that? 

If you are going to take a dietary supplement, do not waste your money on one that has poor quality, no GMP certification, common allergens, sugar, trans fats, binders, heavy metals, synthetic vitamins, etc.

The ideal multivitamin will give you a noticeable boost to energy and immune health  and will accomplish the following:

  • Be made in a certified cGMP certified lab
  • Not contain common allergens (or corn) such as gluten and soy
  • Avoid using unnecessary ingredients like binders, fillers, and artificial dyes
  • Contain some natural and active forms of vitamins

I am working on my own multivitamin, read about it here.

 If you do your own research, you might find there IS an option out there. When it comes to multivitamins, I recommend taking this one. And yes, that is a link to a recipe for a dandelion leaf salad. Thank you for offering us a true multivitamin.


Have you had any experiences you want to share regarding multivitamins (or salads)? Have any thoughts or comments you want to share? Please post below if so or email me at

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