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A Quick Look at Probiotics

Dec 08, 2017 0 comments
A Quick Look at Probiotics


The recent boom in probiotic popularity is not due to recent research since research has been around a long time. The reason they have recently gained a lot of ground is that the medical community is a very skeptical one (not a bad thing) and it takes several years before they embrace natural remedies.

FlorAssist is the best probiotic for IBS and it is a good maintenance blend for those looking to generally improve their immune system and digestion. Simply put, it is simply the best probiotic supplement out there.

In addition, it can be taken by women and men as it contains safe and effective probiotics for each gender.


What about All the Other Probiotics?

One main issue when it comes to deciding on a great probiotic supplement is the bacteria contained in the supplements. There are millions of different strains of bacteria and in order to do proper research on just one strain of bacteria, it costs anywhere from hundreds of thousands to well over a million dollars. 

So, since it would cost unimaginable sums of money to do all that research, it is very difficult to know which strains to want. Fortunately, every strain of bacteria in FlorAssist has been extensively researched and have been proven to be effective. All that research is just another reason why FlorAssist is the best probiotic for IBS and for all around wellness.

If We Market, They Will Buy

Probiotics are often misunderstood and undervalued because of the big companies and their… priorities… See, companies are able to buy patents on the medicinal use of bacterial strains. What’s wrong with that, you ask? Well, bacterial strains are expensive and if there’s one thing big companies do not like, it is wasting resources.

Let’s look at Proctor and Gamble, I was sent a sample of their probiotic, “Align” along with an informational pamphlet. My wife took the sample for a couple weeks and when it had no effect, I started digging for information.

The pamphlet had citations which led me to all the research done on Align. I read the studies thoroughly and I discovered that it was all funded by Proctor and Gamble. I also found out that their results were unimpressive. Very few of the test subjects actually showed improvements and the parameters of the experiments were lacking the details necessary for making definitive claims.

Proctor and Gamble own the bacteria in their product. They did the research on their product. They are the ones marketing it and the ones making claims about it. In short, they spent unimaginable sums of money on their product and now they have to get that money back. Flimsy evidence or not, they have to sell Align to you so that their expensive little bacterial strain brings their money back.

I do not have a vendetta against Proctor and Gamble, they’re just a business doing what businesses do. On the other hand, I absolutely do have an interest in your health. So please never take a probiotic pill that exclusively contains patented bacteria in it.


My Experience

While I have not taken these particular probiotic supplements, however, I have used probiotics and noticed a small difference in terms of digestion, mood, and energy. If you have a chronic intestinal illness, it may be worth talking to your doctor about taking a probiotic.

Stern Healing's Recommendation

Best: FlorAssist by Life Extension

Why: This product is allergen-free, it contains well-studied forms of flora, and it uses double encapsulation to ensure safe passage to intestines. It has an effective amount of flora, and it is well priced. 

Who: Anyone who has been on powerful whole body antibiotics suffers from depression, stress, anxiety, or sleep disorders. Anyone who consumes artificial sugars or has digestive issues.

How: One a day with food

Why not: Probiotics are generally safe but always talk to your doctor before starting a new supplement.



If you have any questions, comments, or experiences you want to share, please email me at or post below. Thanks for reading!

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