Skin Health In 5 Minutes

Skin Health In 5 Minutes

Skin, skin, skin! Everyone wants to talk about skin health but it seems that the tens of thousands of products on the market don’t seem to do much.

It’s kind of like the hiccups. There are maybe 15 different ways I can think of to ‘cure’ the hiccups but if any of them consistently worked, we would only have ONE ‘cure.’

But there’s the issue of what really does help our skin. I mean, we all want to have amazing skin so: What can we take to help our skin?

To answer that question, we need to look into the science of skin. But that would be boring and really isn’t the point of this so we’ll just gloss over it really quick!

The liver detoxifies. The skin is the barrier against toxins from the world outside. If there are toxins on the inside, then our skin will break down because it’s being attacked from both sides!

It’s like a city that's under attack from intruders. Fortunately, there's a wall to protect the city-dwellers. But wait! Traitors are fighting the city-dwellers (boooo!)! The toxins on the inside of our body are like traitors who are attacking us!

Solution? Simple. Get rid of toxins!

So, when we ask: What are the best health supplements for skin care? The answer should involve detoxifying compounds that promote liver health and eliminate harmful toxins.

Detoxifying and eliminating toxins are two different processes. The former is self-explanatory while the latter is…. ….Never mind, they’re both self-explanatory.

Anyway, if you are looking for the best health supplement for skin care, then vitamins should be the first thing that comes to mind.

Why are vitamins so good for skin?

Well, you know scurvy? That horrible disease that we most commonly associate with sailors gums falling out of their mouth? Yikes!

The cure for scurvy is vitamin C. Scurvy is just a cool sounding word (that, unfortunately, was attributed to a not-so-cool disease) that represents low vitamin C levels.

See what I mean? Vitamin C is necessary for the creation of skin, the repair of skin, and the lifecycle of collagen. But Vitamin C is just a small part of a bigger picture.

The best vitamins for skin are a combination of vitamin A, C, and E. That is if you only want to cover the most basic antioxidants and not really address any other issues. Come on! We can do better than that!

Skin is our largest organ and it is very complex. Okay, enough science.

There are other supplements that are great for good skin. For example, Turmeric, an awesome herb that has been shown to be safe, has been shown to promote detoxification in a big way! It’s kind of a big deal around here – Turmeric and its extract, Curcumin.

Moving right along- Collagen supplements for skin have become extremely popular and for good reason. Collagen is necessary for the skin. Simple as that. No collagen, no skin (or, at least no beautiful, smooth, and flawless skin!).

There are many skin health supplement benefits including moisturizing from the inside out with compounds such as Aloe Vera Extract and Hyaluronic Acid.

If you are looking for the best supplements for healthy skin, then I would recommend powerful antioxidants, potent moisturizing compounds, as well as detoxifying herbs.

For an added bonus, you could add a stress-reducing supplement because our mood is directly related to the number of toxins in our body.

The more angles that you use to approach skin health, the higher the chance that supplements will improve your skin health.

Vitamins for the skin! Herbs for the skin! Aloe Vera for Skin! Now you’ll remember… …maybe.


Thanks for reading!!

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