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Skin Health In 5 Minutes

Skin Health In 5 Minutes Skin, skin, skin! Everyone wants to talk about skin health but it seems that the tens of thousands of products on the market don’t seem to do much. It’s kind of like the hiccups. There are maybe 15 different ways I can think of to ‘cure’ the hiccups but if any of them consistently worked, we would only have ONE ‘cure.’ But there’s the issue of what really does help our skin. I mean, we all want to have amazing skin so: What can we take to help our skin? To answer that question, we...

Sep 28, 2018 0 comments

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Honesty and Supplements: A Terrifying Compound

Rant time! By exposing my own industry, I am making my own company vulnerable to what I can only hope is a newly informed populace but my hope is that readers will see this article for what it truly is: the pretentious journal of someone who found a dragon sitting on a pile of gold and lived to tell the tale. I think that one day soon, these companies will be exposed by someone with a large audience and, when that day comes, the FDA will be forced to make a sweeping motion upon all dietary supplement companies. If I am wrong and that day never comes,...

Sep 27, 2018 0 comments

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One A Day in Picture Form

This form of organizing information works very well for the way I understand information. If there is anyone else out there who learns like me, I got you covered:

Sep 14, 2018 0 comments

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