Mission and Goals

Short-Term Goals

I intend to gain credibility and more readers by writing articles that expose harmful ingredients and then offer a research-based alternative that takes into account the broader perspective. To do this, I intend to create a few simple dietary supplements that are high quality and of unmatched purity.

Long-Term Goals

I intend to create more complex products that I will back up using research and market with integrity. I intend to promote Stern Healing as a company that appreciates research but also knows that each person is unique. I know that you cannot be summed up by a clinical study or a statistic and I intend on making products designed for the holistic person opposed to designing products using isolated numbers and statistics.

Mission Statement

My goal is to pierce through the misinformation and misunderstandings created by marketing lies.  This will be done by combining research and a deep understanding of the human mind and body to provide high-quality information and products that are made for real people.

The Purpose

Stern Healing seeks to be a leader by providing products and information that make stand out with integrity amongst an industry full of misinformation and marketing lies.